Type 1 Tea

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7 Episodes

  1. Just Diagnosed? Here's What We Wish Your Doctor Taught You

    Published: 6/11/2024
  2. When Type 1 Diabetes Does THIS to Your Relationship with Food

    Published: 6/5/2024
  3. Ozempic & Type 1 Diabetes: Our Experience in the First Month

    Published: 5/29/2024
  4. Drinking Alcohol with Type 1 Diabetes: Tips, Stories, and Precautions

    Published: 5/22/2024
  5. Inhaled Insulin: Why Ginger Loves It & Common Misconceptions

    Published: 5/15/2024
  6. Getting Ozempic with Type 1 Diabetes

    Published: 5/6/2024
  7. Taking Ozempic & Metformin with Type 1 Diabetes

    Published: 4/27/2024

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We're spilling the tea on T1D! Unscripted and barely edited: Type 1 Tea is a real discussion about real life with type 1 diabetes. Hosted by Ginger Vieira and Sami Parker. We'll hit topics like managing insulin during exercise, other medications, A1c tips, nutrition tricks, weight loss, and more. Ginger Vieira was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 13 years old in 1999. Sami Parker was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 12 years old in 2012. More from Ginger: GingerVieira.com & YouTube.com/@DiabetesNerd. More from Sami: Instagram.com/Type1Sami.