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A podcast by The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI)

25 Episodes

  1. Where lies the limits of freedom of expression?

    Published: 10/6/2023
  2. Concluding comments – insights and future avenues for peace research

    Published: 12/16/2022
  3. Memory Activism – peacebuilding, resistance and digital commemoration

    Published: 12/16/2022
  4. New imaginations through art

    Published: 12/16/2022
  5. (Post)-Colonial memories – pressing concerns for peace research

    Published: 12/16/2022
  6. Revisionist remembering and war in Europe. Finding paths towards peace?

    Published: 12/16/2022
  7. Spaces of peace and conflict. Not set in stone - the restless role of monuments, museums and memorials

    Published: 12/16/2022
  8. Bakom rubriken: demonstrationerna i Iran - vad händer nu?

    Published: 12/7/2022
  9. Technology and Geopolitics - What’s in it for Democracies?

    Published: 6/14/2022
  10. Borders and International Crises

    Published: 5/24/2022
  11. Stockholm+50: Hållbar utveckling i kristider

    Published: 5/11/2022
  12. Lärdomar från Moskva

    Published: 5/11/2022
  13. Kinas och Östeuropas roll för Sveriges långsiktiga konkurrenskraft och säkerhet

    Published: 4/28/2022
  14. Rysslands invasion av Ukraina – konsekvenser för Sveriges relationer med Östeuropa och Kina

    Published: 4/28/2022
  15. Hur har omvärlden reagerat på Rysslands krig i Ukraina?

    Published: 4/12/2022
  16. Håller Ryssland på att bli en totalitär diktatur i krigets skugga?

    Published: 4/8/2022
  17. The India-China Border Conflict: Local and Regional Implications

    Published: 4/7/2022
  18. Rysslands krig mot Ukraina: bakgrund och konsekvenser

    Published: 3/29/2022
  19. Germany's Policies Towards Russia and Eastern Europe: Continuity or Change?

    Published: 3/23/2022
  20. Kriget i Ukraina: Omvärldens reaktioner

    Published: 3/22/2022

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UI seminars is a podcast series featuring discussions and conversations from seminars held by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI). UI is an independent institute and a platform for research and information on international relations and foreign policy.Seminars are in Swedish and English. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.