Untold: The Retreat

A podcast by Financial Times


6 Episodes

  1. Introducing Untold: Power for Sale

    Published: 5/16/2024
  2. Another Death

    Published: 2/14/2024
  3. Jaqui’s Story

    Published: 2/7/2024
  4. Ten Long Days

    Published: 1/31/2024
  5. Dear Madison

    Published: 1/24/2024
  6. Introducing Untold: The Retreat

    Published: 12/21/2023

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Untold is a new podcast from the special investigations team at the Financial Times. On Untold: The Retreat, host Madison Marriage examines the world of the Goenka network, which promotes a type of intensive meditation known as Vipassana. Thousands of people go on Goenka retreats every year. People rave about them. But some go to these meditation retreats, and they suffer. They might feel a deep sense of terror, or a break with reality. And on the other side, they’re not themselves anymore. Untold: The Retreat launches Jan. 24. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.