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  1. S4 E27 The Irish Cafu

    Published: 4/3/2024
  2. S4 E26 The Calm Before The Strom

    Published: 3/27/2024
  3. S4 E25 Picking Up Points

    Published: 3/15/2024
  4. S4 E24 Three piece sofa set

    Published: 3/8/2024
  5. S4 E23 Above The Dotted Line.....

    Published: 3/1/2024
  6. S4 E22 β€œThe White Pele” - W12 meet Akos Buzasky

    Published: 2/20/2024
  7. S4 E21 QPR - Set-piece Specialists

    Published: 2/16/2024
  8. S4 E20 " Podcast above the median line"

    Published: 2/6/2024
  9. S4 E19 Marti's got something Cook'in

    Published: 1/23/2024
  10. S4 E18 - 2024 Feels all to Familiar

    Published: 1/19/2024
  11. S4 E17 Two Corners One Cup

    Published: 1/12/2024
  12. S4 E16 STILL Lost4words

    Published: 1/5/2024
  13. S4 E15 "Christmas Willock”

    Published: 12/15/2023
  14. S4 E14 W12 meets Marti Cifuentes

    Published: 12/5/2023
  15. S4 E13 Hi Ho Sliver Lining

    Published: 11/30/2023
  16. S4 E12 Any holes a goal

    Published: 11/23/2023
  17. S4 E11 He drinks Estrella, he eats paella.....

    Published: 11/7/2023
  18. S4 E10 Lets hope Marti has done his research, and lots of it.

    Published: 10/31/2023
  19. S4 E9 What the F next......

    Published: 10/24/2023
  20. S4 E8 Diving down the table

    Published: 10/6/2023

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New Podcast about West Londons best football team, Queens Park Rangers. We are all massive fans of the club and these views and opinions are all our own, we hope you enjoy the content.This Podcast has been created and uploaded by the W12Podcast and these views are our own and not those of talksport or any over channel related to the talksport network.EXCLUSIVE NordVPN Deal ➼ https://nordvpn.com/w12 Try it risk-free Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.