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  1. Healthy Eating and Sleeping

    Published: 5/31/2022
  2. Simplicity

    Published: 5/17/2022
  3. Screens

    Published: 5/10/2022
  4. Waldorf, Reading, and Books

    Published: 5/3/2022
  5. Reverence and Ritual

    Published: 4/26/2022
  6. Storytelling

    Published: 4/19/2022
  7. Wonder and Awe

    Published: 4/12/2022
  8. Play

    Published: 4/5/2022
  9. Warmth

    Published: 3/29/2022
  10. Rhythm

    Published: 3/22/2022
  11. What's Waldorf?

    Published: 3/15/2022

    Published: 2/15/2022
  13. The Waldorf Kindergartener

    Published: 1/11/2022
  14. Waldorf Birthdays

    Published: 11/30/2021
  15. Waldorf And Navigating What Friends, Family, and Community May Think

    Published: 11/16/2021
  16. Bringing Stories and Songs to Young Children

    Published: 11/2/2021
  17. The Mood of the Fifth, Songs, and Music for Young Children

    Published: 10/19/2021
  18. Waldorf and Chest and Breastfeeding with guest Judy Fayre, RN, IBCLC

    Published: 10/5/2021
  19. Waldorf Early Childhood

    Published: 9/21/2021
  20. Supporting Children Through Toddlerhood

    Published: 9/7/2021

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Waldorfy serves to explore and explain Waldorf Education and Anthroposophy. In most episodes, I discuss topics with a Waldorf teacher, or someone with knowledge about anthroposophy, to deliver accurate, simple, interesting, information and explanations. When possible we’ll bring to attention any research or studies surrounding the topics we are exploring. My main aim is to reach parents, perspective parents, and alumni to engage them with the meaning and purpose of Waldorf Education and it’s connection with anthroposophy.