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80 Episodes

  1. 79: Mamas' Boys with Eve and Pam

    Published: 5/16/2024
  2. 78: Very Strange and Beautifully Weird with Nikki Glaser

    Published: 5/13/2024
  3. 77: The Juicebox Ain't Worth the Squeeze

    Published: 5/9/2024
  4. 76: Bathroom Trash is Private with Hannah Simone

    Published: 5/6/2024
  5. 75: You Are The Danger

    Published: 5/2/2024
  6. 74: He Just Lost His Wife and Dog with David Cross

    Published: 4/29/2024
  7. 73: You Are Not the Barber with Daryl Johnson and John Feitelberg

    Published: 4/25/2024
  8. 72: Let’s Call Him Doniel with Lamorne Morris, Rachel Bilson and Olivia Allen

    Published: 4/22/2024
  9. 71: It's Insane But Not Bad with Annie Lederman

    Published: 4/18/2024
  10. 70: All Food Comes with Risk with Josh Scherer

    Published: 4/15/2024
  11. 69: Pudgy & The Brit Mouth

    Published: 4/11/2024
  12. 68: You Can’t Play Chicken with a GOAT (with Rainn Wilson)

    Published: 4/8/2024
  13. 67: Rangers Range

    Published: 4/4/2024
  14. 66: Shoot the Crap With Rick Glassman

    Published: 4/1/2024
  15. 65: Don’t Look It Up

    Published: 3/28/2024
  16. 64: A Prince Among Rats with Biff Wiff and John Feitelberg

    Published: 3/25/2024
  17. 63: This Tattoo Has a Back Story

    Published: 3/21/2024
  18. 62: I'm Milwaukin' Here! with Lisa Gilroy

    Published: 3/18/2024
  19. 61: Are You Going To Do This Madness?

    Published: 3/14/2024
  20. 60: Craggily Hand with D’Arcy Carden

    Published: 3/11/2024

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Jake Johnson (New Girl, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse) and Gareth Reynolds (The Dollop) don't feel qualified to give strangers good advice. Most of their friendship over the last 15 years has been based around dumb bits, but they do (for better or worse) want to try to help people out. Like your friendly local bartender or your tipsy uncle at a family gathering, Jake and Gareth are on the caller's side and trying to help.  Each episode, the guys make several pitches to callers (whose questions range from trivial to serious) with their best attempts of advice. They can't promise their suggestions will be perfect, but it will be the best they've got.  Jake and Gareth also occasionally bring on a friend, peer or even an expert to help along the way. Want to call in? Email your question to [email protected].