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55 Episodes

  1. Ep 55: So Tired and Going Crazy: 4 Steps to Less Stress and More Peace

    Published: 7/1/2022
  2. Ep 54: Creating A Fantastic Summer for the Whole Family - Including YOU

    Published: 6/1/2022
  3. Ep 53: Dads and Daughters: Helping Them Bond

    Published: 3/29/2022
  4. Ep 52: Why So Many of Us Can't Stop Watching Hallmark Movies

    Published: 1/2/2022
  5. Ep 51: The Best of the WifeSavers Podcast: How to Get (and Give!) More Appreciation in Your Marriage

    Published: 11/22/2021
  6. Ep 50: How to Be a Better Husband: Four Secrets Your Husband Needs To Know To Make You Happy

    Published: 11/5/2021
  7. EP 49: How To Avoid Disrespect When You're Displeased (and why you want to try)

    Published: 9/3/2021
  8. Ep 48: Understanding and Helping Teen Boys - Part 2

    Published: 7/1/2021
  9. Ep 47: Understanding and Helping Teen Boys - Part 1

    Published: 6/23/2021
  10. Ep 46: What To Do When He Works Too Much

    Published: 2/26/2021
  11. Ep 45: Creating Happy Holidays in Spite of 2020 (or a Grinchy Husband)

    Published: 12/8/2020
  12. Ep 44: How to Keep Calm and Carry On

    Published: 11/6/2020
  13. Ep 43: Talking Politics in Marriage

    Published: 8/13/2020
  14. Ep 42: When Faith is an Issue in Your Marriage

    Published: 7/9/2020
  15. Ep 41: The Best of the WifeSavers Podcast: Turning Negative Communication With Your Husband to the Positive

    Published: 5/27/2020
  16. Ep. 40: When There’s No Place Other THAN Home, You Need More of THIS

    Published: 4/28/2020
  17. Ep 39: How to Help Your Husband With His Emotions During the Crisis

    Published: 3/31/2020
  18. Ep. 38: Don’t Let a Crisis Sink Your Marriage

    Published: 3/6/2020
  19. Ep 37: How to Deal With Your Spouse’s Depression Positively

    Published: 2/5/2020
  20. Ep 36: Conversations on Physical Intimacy

    Published: 1/10/2020

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Ramona Zabriskie, multi-award-winning author, celebrated marriage mentor and global educator, founder of Wife for Life University and the WifeSavers Education Membership, answers real-wife questions alongside her husband of 40+ years, Dale Zabriskie. Their entertaining conversations about the challenges and intricacies of the marriage relationship are full of actual experience and powerful, proven advice. Thousands of wives in over 70 countries are learning how to better resolve their worries and more lovingly relate to their husbands with thrilling results. Email the show at wifesavers.org