The Mummy/Work/Life Juggle Chat with Giovanna Fletcher

This week on Bump, Georgia chats with author, actress, blogger, member of the Cbeebies show ‘The Baby Club’, and the reason why we have McFly’s ‘It’s all about You’ - Giovanna Fletcher. Georgia and G (as she is known) chat about making sure the girlfriends of their toddlers are up to scratch, whether they themselves were a mistake, a rather fascinating letter to Giovanna’s lady parts, and how running has created the mental space needed for G to stay positive. The Bump! podcast is brought to you by Ladybird Books. Ladybird publishes playful books for little hands. From touch-and-feel books to bedtime stories, Ladybird helps 0–7s to learn, play and grow. Check out their range of gorgeous new books at

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