A podcast by Georgia Jones


11 Episodes

  1. The Mummy/Work/Life Juggle Chat with Giovanna Fletcher

    Published: 11/29/2020
  2. The Being Daddy With Danny Chat

    Published: 11/22/2020
  3. The Getting The Kid's Rooms Organised Chat with Style Sisters

    Published: 11/15/2020
  4. The Daddy Chat with Aston Merrygold

    Published: 11/8/2020
  5. The 9 Months Of Being A Mum Chat with Tessa Kelly

    Published: 11/1/2020
  6. The Learning To Deal With Disabilities Chat with Jade Arif

    Published: 10/24/2020
  7. The Pelvic Floor Chat with Dr Lauren Jackson & Claire Bourne

    Published: 10/17/2020
  8. The Birth Trauma Chat with Anna Williamson

    Published: 10/10/2020
  9. The co-parenting, working mum and dealing with death chat with Lou Teasdale

    Published: 10/4/2020
  10. The Mental Health Chat with Frankie Bridge

    Published: 9/27/2020
  11. Bump episode 1- Premature babies with Laura Tobin and Rachel Marsh

    Published: 9/10/2020

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Join Georgia Jones to discuss all things pregnancy. Fascinating and enlightening discussion with wonderful guests about the real world of pregnancy, child birth and becoming new parents. Georgia and her guests discuss their own experiences (the good and the bad) to help guide you through yours.