Season 4: Episode 3 – Hear from Dominik Brinkmann, Head of Dealer Network Development & Customer Experience, for India & Asia-Pacific, at Stellantis

We are delighted to welcome globe-trotting, mobility expert, Dominik Brinkmann of Stellantis, and Amrutha Murthy, who leads our Ipsos Channel Performance and Customer Experience business in Australia.  Stellantis is a leading global mobility player, formed from the merger of PSA and FCA, with an iconic brand portfolio, including Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroen, Fiat, Jeep, to name but a few.   Dominik, wearing one of his 14 tops (one for each brand), and using the language of (organisation) ‘families’ and ‘fans’, shares his take on changing customer expectations and channel usage, the recipe for success in delivering personalised experiences across channels, working closely with the dealership network to deliver brilliant experiences, a peek into the future, and, of course, driving results on the back of his Ipsos Channel Performance Mystery Shopping programme; driving better impact. Find out more about our latest Ipsos CX and Channel Performance thinking.

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