two homes, two personalties: growing up with divorced parents

Welcome to my first episode... a timeline of my life until now. But why listen to someone else's past? It helps you learn more about yourself. I am constantly trying to learn and reflect how my past experiences have shaped me to be the person I am today. There is a reason why we struggle with our mental health and it always goes back to childhood. So before I talk about my experiences with eating disorders and depression to being financially successful at 20, let's dive deep into my past.Topics I reflect on:Single mum upbringingRelationship with my familyIdolising my Dad + people pleasingWhy I didn't go to UniversityBody image issues from the age of 6Two homes, two personaltiesSeeking validation in men as a teenagerWhy I loved the feeling of losing weightRejecting my feminine traitsThe story of losing my Dad at 17Podcast Instagram Instagram can also watch all my podcast episodes on youtube! See for privacy and opt-out information.

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20 year old in London trying to figure out life. My mental health has had a journey of its own and I'm here to share my experiences and advice. I'll be chatting about all areas of my life; eating disorders, grief, relationships, social media and more. This podcast is a safe space for you to tune in and try learn a little more about yourself :) See for privacy and opt-out information.