James Corden: How to Know When the Time is Right to Let Go

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How can you let go of something you love to do? And when is the right time to let go? Today, Jay is joined by Emmy Award winning host, writer, producer, and actor, James Corden. James is also a Tony Award winning and Golden Globe nominated actor; and a multiple BAFTA Award winner. In April 2023, James wrapped up his eight-year run as host of THE LATE LATE SHOW, which premiered on CBS in March 2015. The show garnered Corden four Emmy Award wins and an additional twenty-three Emmy Award nominations. Corden is the co-creator and executive producer of CARPOOL KARAOKE: THE SERIES for Apple TV+ which won five consecutive Emmy Awards and is currently nominated for 2023. The series also won three Producers Guild Awards, a Critics’ Choice Real TV Award and was nominated for a Writers Guild Award.   James takes you through the successive successes and inevitable misses that shape our lives, the impact of expectations on our experiences and unravel the true meaning of success. He touches on his love for performance, the driving force behind success, and the reality that not all efforts receive the recognition they deserve; as well as the reflective process during significant transitions and gain insights into the complexities of the narcissistic dream. As the conversation continues, James presents the powerful analogy of letting a balloon go, symbolizing the liberation that comes with releasing expectations. They also touch on the importance of mindful living, questioning how much of tomorrow you're willing to borrow.   In this interview, you'll learn: How to effectively chase after success How to pick yourself up after failure The importance of surrounding yourself with good people How to balance family life and career How to make your marriage work How to slow down when things get tough This episode is a reminder to cultivate a life filled with purpose, the art of slowing down, embracing life's pace, and savoring each moment.  With Love and Gratitude, Jay Shetty What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 02:52 The Successive Success and the Many Misses in Between 08:32 The Expectation OF is What Mostly Ruins Things 10:22 What is the True Meaning of Success? 12:56 Love for Performance and the Drive for Success 17:23 Not All Efforts Get Rewarded 20:36 Your Life Can Get Flipped Over Every Single Day 23:38 Reflection Process During Big Transitions 28:13 The Narcissist’s Dream 35:50 The Analogy of Letting a Balloon Go 41:02 Becoming More than the Man You Actually Are 46:44 Sleep is an Extraordinary Gift 49:42 How Much of Tomorrow Are You Willing to Borrow? 53:15 Why Do You Need to Stop Going on a Diet? 56:21 How Do You Keep Good Friends Around? 01:00:32 How to Calmly Talk to Your Child? 01:06:14 Where is the Best Place to Raise Your Family and Kids? 01:11:24 Effective Communication Between Married Couple 01:15:43 The Story of a Man Who Just Kept Going 01:21:08 The David Beckham Statue Prank 01:22:35 Learning to Slow Down and Not Rush Anything 01:32:27 James on Final Five Episode Resources: James Corden | Instagram James Corden | Twitter The Late Late Show with James Corden | YouTube The Late Late Show with James Corden | TikTok See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.