Kim Kardashian ON: How to Deal with Challenging Times in Parenting & Learning to Love Again

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Today, I sit down with Kim Kardashian to talk about self compassion and self love. Kim talks about her experiences as a celebrity and an influencer, how she learned to love and take care of herself more so she can have more love and compassion for others, and the challenges of being a parent of four and running a business at the same time.  Kim Kardashian is an entrepreneur, business mogul, and producer. She first gained media attention in her appearances in the reality television series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," which chronicles the personal and professional lives of her and her family members. Over the years, Kim Kardashian has built a successful brand, including beauty and fashion lines, and has become known for her influential social media presence. You can order my new book 8 RULES OF LOVE at or at a retail store near you. You can also get the chance to see me live on my first ever world tour. This is a 90 minute interactive show where I will take you on a journey of finding, keeping and even letting go of love. Head to and find out if I'll be in a city near you. Thank you so much for all your support - I hope to see you soon. What We Discuss: 00:00 Intro 03:55 When was the last time someone didn’t recognize you? 05:02 How often do you take a mental health check and have some time alone? 07:22 How do you manage a life in public with different personas? 09:38 Going out of your way to be of help and support someone in need 12:50 This is what genuine compassion can do for your personally and for others 16:25 Self work can be different for different people and that’s okay 18:02 Putting your own happiness first is a skill that can take time to learn 24:31 Surrounding yourself with people you trust is the best place to be in 29:05 With parenting, everyone says the days are long, the years are short 32:05 Parenting challenges is a lifetime commitment for every parent 36:32 Kids can ask difficult questions and this is how you can be more open to them 38:56 The journey of personal growth through helping other people 40:54 Kim explains that we all make mistakes and the second chance we get makes a huge  difference 44:12 “I’ve never been hard on myself, but I am competitive with myself.” 47:03 How can positive peer pressure help you? 52:08 The warm welcoming presence always makes people comfortable and welcome 54:41 When you feel like you’re the worst mom, how do you cope? 01:00:10 Living a good life and being the best example for your kids 01:01:34 Kim on Final Five Episode Resources Kim Kardashian | Website Kim Kardashian | YouTube Kim Kardashian | Twitter Kim Kardashian | Facebook Kim Kardashian | TikTok SKKN BY KIM Skims Want to be a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach? Get the Digital Guide and Workbook from Jay Shetty for privacy information.