#98: The most sleep deprived podcast ep (not my best work) / how many calories does the body need?

Recovering with Danie | Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast - A podcast by Danie van Kay | Licensed eating disorder recovery coach - Mondays

When you've struggled with an eating disorder, your idea of how much food your body needs may get a little bit distorted. Between restriction, food guilt, and diet culture, determining how many calories you actually need, can be incredibly hard. And those who experience extreme hunger often exclaim "surely I don't need to do that much catching up?!". Spoiler alert: You do. In today's episode I'll talk about how you know how much you need, why I can't tell you how much you need (and why diet culture can't either!), and why either way you don't need to count them. If you want to recover from your eating disorder or disordered eating - be it anorexia, bulimia, OSFED, or other (un)diagnosed disordered eating issues - on your own, or are interested in my method, be sure to follow me on ⁠Instagram (@daniellevankay)⁠. In just a few week's time, I will be launching my very own recovery guide, so follow me on Instagram to be notified as soon as it's launched. Or check out my ⁠website⁠ from April 26th onwards, as you will be able to find and purchase the guide over there!