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Rav Dhaliwal, VC Investor - How Customer Success Drives Company Valuation

from The Customer Success Channel | Published 4/15/2020

Our host, Anika Zubair and now VC investor Rav Dhaliwal talk about how he has scaled Customer Success teams, how Venture Capitalists look at Customer Success strategies of their investments and his views on Customer Success leading indicators such as NPS and CSAT. Prior to becoming a VC, Rav has run Customer Success at Slack in EMEA, and held senior Customer Success positions, managing key processes like Customer Onboarding and expansion at firms such as Zendesk, Microsoft and Salesforce.Customer Success is fast becoming one of the key drivers of company valuations. Having a clear, repeatable customer lifecycle, low gross churn, strong customer net retention and a Customer Success strategy that maximises customer lifetime value are differentiators when VCs assess potential investments.

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