075: Athlete Camp 2023: BMU, LLRC, GHD, HSPU

Chris & Ben cover each of the four sessions of our Winter 2023 athlete in details, along with tips on improving your Bar Muscle-Ups, Legless Rope Climbs, GHDs and deficit Handstand Push-Ups.Listen with Show Notes: https://zoarfitness.com/podcast/Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0Hfn3PS55LQHire a Coach: https://www.zoarfitness.com/coach/Get Pro [Upgrade Your Fitness Knowledge]: https://zoarfitness.com/pro/The Protocol [Weekly Programming]: https://zoarfitness.com/theprotocol/Movement Breakdowns: https://www.zoarfitness.com/movements/Gymnastics Density University: https://www.zoarfitness.com/product/gymnastics-density-university/Gymnastics Density for the Big Five: https://www.zoarfitness.com/product/gymnastics-density-for-crossfit/Bulletproof Body: Accessory Work for Functional Fitness: https://www.zoarfitness.com/product/bulletproof-body/Cyclical Supremacy: https://www.zoarfitness.com/product/cyclical-supremacy/Your First Muscle-Up: https://www.zoarfitness.com/product/your-first-muscle-up-program/Follow ZOAR Fitness on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoarfitness/Support the show

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The Fitness Movement is a informative series on all things training for the Sport of Fitness. No fluff, no BS, just practical ways to help you improve your CrossFit performance. We’ll deep dive on topics such as Mastering Movements (Double Unders, Overhead Squats, Muscle-Ups), Program Design (Assessment, Creating a Training Year and Training Cycles), Improving Strength (Weightlifting and Gymnastics) and Endurance (Bike, Row, Run, SkiErg, etc.) and anything else that can help coaches and athletes get an edge over their competition. I hope that as a result of this podcast, you can better movement quality and ultimately improve your efficiency and capacity in all types of workouts and WODs, regardless if your goal is completing the Open Rx, competing in the Games or packing on some functional muscle mass. Join me every Tuesday and let’s take our fitness and training knowledge to the next level.