The Fitness Movement: Training | Programming | Competing

A podcast by Ben Wise: Coach, CrossFit Athlete, ZOAR Fitness Owner - Tuesdays

155 Episodes

  1. Brennan, Jaci & Justin Schardt of CrossFit Revival [Ep.145]

    Published: 5/7/2024
  2. Using Data to Navigate Injury Barriers [Ep.144]

    Published: 4/30/2024
  3. Tips for Athletes with Tight Schedules [Ep.143]

    Published: 4/23/2024
  4. Avoid These Workout Fueling Mistakes ft. Stacey Kadenas [Ep.142]

    Published: 4/16/2024
  5. AirBike & Squat Strength Progressions [Ep.141]

    Published: 4/9/2024
  6. "Dot Com" | An L Pull-Up & Rowing WOD

    Published: 4/4/2024
  7. Catching Up with Coach Day Muñoz [Ep.140]

    Published: 4/2/2024
  8. How To Prep for CrossFit Quarterfinals [Ep.139]

    Published: 3/26/2024
  9. Full Week of Training at Lumber Capital Athletics [Ep.138]

    Published: 3/19/2024
  10. "The Burpees Are Coming" | A Long Aerobic Tester

    Published: 3/14/2024
  11. Best Way to Cue Athletes to Better Performance [Ep.137]

    Published: 3/12/2024
  12. Run Development for CrossFit Athletes [Ep.136]

    Published: 3/5/2024
  13. The Most Important CrossFit Open Reminder [Ep.135]

    Published: 2/27/2024
  14. The Best Training Program for HYROX [Ep.134]

    Published: 2/20/2024
  15. CrossFit Semifinals Bubble Athlete Limiter Cycle // Programming TV [Ep.133]

    Published: 2/13/2024
  16. "Iron Cross" | sHSPU, Deadlifts & Jump Rope Crossovers

    Published: 2/8/2024
  17. Beyond Program Design: Benefits of Coaching [Ep.132]

    Published: 2/6/2024
  18. The Fittest Experience 2024: Events & Programming Discussion [Ep.131]

    Published: 1/31/2024
  19. "Kardashian" | AirBike, Sandbag Squats & Handstand Walks

    Published: 1/24/2024
  20. Olympic Weightlifting & Row Capacity: Concurrent Training [Ep.130]

    Published: 1/23/2024

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The Fitness Movement is a informative series on all things training for the Sport of Fitness. No fluff, no BS, just practical ways to help you improve your CrossFit performance. We’ll deep dive on topics such as Mastering Movements (Double Unders, Overhead Squats, Muscle-Ups), Program Design (Assessment, Creating a Training Year and Training Cycles), Improving Strength (Weightlifting and Gymnastics) and Endurance (Bike, Row, Run, SkiErg, etc.) and anything else that can help coaches and athletes get an edge over their competition. I hope that as a result of this podcast, you can better movement quality and ultimately improve your efficiency and capacity in all types of workouts and WODs, regardless if your goal is completing the Open Rx, competing in the Games or packing on some functional muscle mass. Join me every Tuesday and let’s take our fitness and training knowledge to the next level.