139: We Are a Jiu Jitsu Family: Chatting All Things BJJ with Jared (who just got his black belt!)

The Practice Brave Podcast - A podcast by Brianna Battles - Wednesdays

Today I bring on my husband, Jared, who recently got his black belt in Jiu Jitsu. He has been doing BJJ for 20 years and has been a catalyst for our entire family joining. We chat about all of the various benefits personally, athletically, and mentally that our family has attained through participating in this sport, including aiding in Jared's law enforcement career. Every time you do Jiu Jitsu, you learn something- there is an array of different skill levels, backgrounds, and experiences in the same room and it teaches you how to react in different controlled and uncontrolled situations and environments. BJJ has been a constant in our lives and will want it to continue to be there. We hope more families will choose to participate in it! Join me for a Jiu Jitsu During Pregnancy & Postpartum Workshop on November 16. Register here: https://go.briannabattles.com/combat-workshop-registration   MORE ABOUT THE SHOW: The Practice Brave podcast brings you the relatable, trustworthy and transparent health & fitness information you're looking for when it comes to coaching, being coached and transitioning through the variables of motherhood and womanhood. You will learn from athletes and experts in the women's health and coaching/performance realm as they share their knowledge and experience on all things Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism. Whether you're a newly pregnant athlete or postpartum athlete, knowing how to adjust your workouts, mental approach and coaching can be confusing. Each week we'll be tackling questions around adjusting your workouts and mindset, diastasis recti, pelvic health, mental health, identity, and beyond. Through compelling interviews and solo shows, Brianna speaks directly to where you're at because she's been there too! Tune in every other week and share the show with your athlete friends!