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  1. 158: Sports Injuries and Combat Sports with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Luke Pomerantz

    Published: 5/15/2024
  2. 157: A Raw and Unfiltered Conversation with MMA Athlete Molly Lindsay

    Published: 5/8/2024
  3. 156: How to Make an Income and a Difference with the P&PA Certification ft. Four Successful P&PA Coaches

    Published: 4/24/2024
  4. 155: Behind the Scenes of What Training and Pregnancy Has Actually Been Like with Annie Thorisdottir

    Published: 4/17/2024
  5. 154: Sporty Beth on Her Pregnancy, Being a Content Creator, and Navigating Mental Health Challenges

    Published: 4/10/2024
  6. 153: 5 Considerations When Preparing for Birth with Midwife Elena

    Published: 4/3/2024
  7. 152: Olympian Emily Muskett’s Weightlifting Career, Experience at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, and Transition Into Motherhood

    Published: 3/27/2024
  8. 151: Kate Lyman Opens Up About How She Had Navigated Birth Trauma and Birth Injury as a Fitness Professional

    Published: 3/13/2024
  9. 150: The Story of Angela Lee Pucci, Six Time MMA World Champion and Founder of Fightstory

    Published: 3/6/2024
  10. 149: How to Approach the CrossFit Open as a Pregnant or Postpartum Athlete with Juliann Balley

    Published: 2/28/2024
  11. 148: A Chat with Physical Therapist and Online Educator and Business Owner Doc Jen: The Inner Workings, Becoming a Mom, and Advocating Pelvic Health

    Published: 2/14/2024
  12. 147: Overcoming Challenges, Fitness, and Motherhood with Hannah Bower

    Published: 2/7/2024
  13. 146: 2 Time UFC Champion and New Mom Carla Esparza on Her Impressive History as a Fighter and Entering Motherhood

    Published: 1/31/2024
  14. 145: Athlete Brain is What Makes You and What Breaks You

    Published: 1/24/2024
  15. 144: Interview with BJJ Athlete Kaitlin Martin, Her Story & Training BJJ Through Pregnancy and Postpartum

    Published: 1/18/2024
  16. 143: The (Actual) Best Way to Approach Your Health & Fitness in 2024

    Published: 1/11/2024
  17. 142: How to Improve Your Business and Coaching for 2024

    Published: 12/13/2023
  18. 141: Reflections on My Jiu Jitsu Journey

    Published: 12/6/2023
  19. 140: All About Fertility with Dr. Sasha Hakman

    Published: 11/22/2023
  20. 139: We Are a Jiu Jitsu Family: Chatting All Things BJJ with Jared (who just got his black belt!)

    Published: 11/9/2023

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The Practice Brave Podcast brings you the relatable, trustworthy and transparent health & fitness information you’re looking for when it comes to coaching, being coached and transitioning through the variables of motherhood and womanhood. You will learn from athletes and experts in the women’s health and coaching/performance realm as they share their knowledge and experience on all things Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism. Whether you’re a newly pregnant athlete or postpartum athlete, knowing how to adjust your workouts, mental approach and coaching can be confusing. Each week we’ll be tackling questions around adjusting your workouts and mindset, diastasis recti, pelvic health, mental health, identity, and beyond. Through compelling interviews and solo shows, Brianna speaks directly to where you’re at because she’s been there too! Tune in every other week and share the show with your athlete friends! Connect with Brianna on Instagram @Brianna.Battles and learn more about her programs at