Owning Your Legacy

A podcast by Laurette Rondenet - Tuesdays


45 Episodes

  1. Investing in Your Dreams & Your Team with Jennifer Bell

    Published: 3/12/2024
  2. The Hidden Benefits of Trade Associations for Networking & Innovation With George Southworth

    Published: 2/27/2024
  3. How to Harness Your Insecurities & Uplevel Your Leadership With Christie Myers

    Published: 2/13/2024
  4. Finding Fulfillment in Community, Food & Family With D.C. Crenshaw

    Published: 1/30/2024
  5. Accountability, Personal Agency & Paying It Backward With Amy and Pete Kadens

    Published: 1/16/2024
  6. The Power & Potential of Food Science With Mary Wagner

    Published: 12/12/2023
  7. Navigating Life’s Mountains & New Milestones With Suzanne Nance

    Published: 11/28/2023
  8. Prioritizing Health & Joy For Healing With Beth Smith

    Published: 11/14/2023
  9. Leadership Strategies to Attract & Retain Talent With Oliver Kelly

    Published: 10/31/2023
  10. Choosing Perseverance Over Perfectionism With Courtney Johnson

    Published: 10/17/2023
  11. Optimize & Elevate Your Leadership With Robert Jordan

    Published: 10/3/2023
  12. Resilience is Bliss: Embracing the Bittersweet Reality of Business With Teresa Ging

    Published: 9/19/2023
  13. Making Innovation & Inspiration Second Nature With Karuna Rawal

    Published: 9/5/2023
  14. Becoming an Indispensable Leader & the Power of Connection With Larry Kaufman

    Published: 7/25/2023
  15. Building Trust Through Transparency With Ryan Smith

    Published: 7/11/2023
  16. Origin Stories, Knowing Your Worth, and Learning to Leverage With Brooke Foley

    Published: 6/27/2023
  17. Leave It Better Than You Found It With Stuart McCarroll

    Published: 6/13/2023
  18. Stopping the Teen Suicide Epidemic With Kari Eckert

    Published: 5/30/2023
  19. Innovation Hurts with Barb Stuckey

    Published: 5/16/2023
  20. Seeing Crisis as an Opportunity With Christie Hefner

    Published: 5/2/2023

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Owning Your Legacy is a podcast for those who seek inspiration on leadership and what it takes to courageously leave your mark on the world. It is centered on the belief that together we can change the world for the better. First, by defining the legacy we each wish to leave behind. And then, by being brave enough to take ownership of it.Join Laurette Rondenet as she hosts intimate discussions with fellow leaders, visionaries, and trailblazers who are making an impact in their space. They go deep on topics like relationships, leadership, business growth—and, of course, what it means to own your legacy. Laurette is president and CEO of Edlong, an innovative, globally-recognized food flavoring company. As a leader, Laurette’s calling is to create a culture of authentic belonging and be a beacon of light, challenging others to shine their light.