Pursuit of Wellness

A podcast by Mari Llewellyn

91 Episodes

  1. Christian Guzman On Adderall Addiction, Weight Fluctuation, What Building Alphaland Really Took, Losing His Mind & Marrying Buff Bunny

    Published: 4/11/2024
  2. Heidi Somers AKA Buff Bunny On The Fitness Industry, Female Entrepreneurship & Wedding Prep

    Published: 4/8/2024
  3. Solo Q&A: Nutrition Tips For PCOS, Stanley Cups, Homesteading, and My Favorite Amazon Makeup

    Published: 4/4/2024
  4. How To Attract An Emotionally Available Partner, Healing From Body Image Issues & Mother Daughter Relationships w/ Krista Williams Of Almost 30

    Published: 4/1/2024
  5. Girl Chat: Sourdough Era, Plastic Surgery, Deleting Social Media & Personal Updates

    Published: 3/28/2024
  6. TRAILER: The Pursuit of Wellness

    Published: 3/27/2024
  7. Dr. Amen Pt. 2: ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Raising Mentally Tough Kids & How To Fight Negative Thinking

    Published: 3/25/2024
  8. Fertility: My Tips & Suggestions To Optimize Chances Of Pregnancy (Solo Episode)

    Published: 3/21/2024
  9. Paul Saladino Pt. 3: Optimizing Fertility, Cholesterol Truths, Creatine for Women & Weight Loss

    Published: 3/18/2024
  10. Q&A w/ Me: Coming Off Birth Control, Acne Scarring, Microneedling, Pre-Workout Meals, Castor Oil Packs & Finding Your Purpose

    Published: 3/14/2024
  11. Fix Your Hormones: PCOS, Fertility, Pregnancy & Autoimmune Conditions w/ Dr. Sara Gottfried

    Published: 3/11/2024
  12. Girl Chat: Acne Safe Makeup, Why I Drink Aloe Juice, Supplements For Fertility & Giving Y’all Advice w/ Fi

    Published: 3/7/2024
  13. How to Live a Life Without Limits and Transform Your Reality With Tom McCarthy

    Published: 3/4/2024
  14. My Fertility Journey & Q+A

    Published: 2/29/2024
  15. Sami Clarke & Sami Spalter on Transforming Inside & Out: Weightloss, Grief, Self Love & The Messiness Of Life

    Published: 2/26/2024
  16. Sustainable Fitness Tips: How I Kept The Weight Off

    Published: 2/22/2024
  17. Why Protein & Muscle Are So Important + Ozempic (the truth) Weight Lifting & Fat Loss w/ Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

    Published: 2/19/2024
  18. Healthy Relationship Advice

    Published: 2/15/2024
  19. How To Manifest Your Dream Life w/ Roxie Nafousi

    Published: 2/12/2024
  20. My Texas Update (Q+A!)

    Published: 2/8/2024

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Mari Llewellyn is the transformation queen. Since 2018, Mari has been on an evolving journey with all things health and wellness. Inspired by her own pursuit of wellness, Mari is diving deeper into topics such as optimal living, nutrition, exercise, longevity, mental health, childhood trauma, relationships, and more. Radical honesty, goal-setting, and self-discipline all helped Mari transform and finally feel at home in her body. But Pursuit of Wellness is really about working from the inside out, learning to believe in yourself, and knowing that you are WORTH the time and energy to become your best self. Mari is on a mission to find the best health hacks from experts, as well as tips from her closest friends and family. In addition, you’ll hear solo episodes from Mari herself, discussing her own struggles and triumphs along the way. As a listener you can expect real and raw conversations with Mari that go more than skin deep. Tune in to the Pursuit of Wellness for a weekly dose of inspiration and insight and that is like a little nudge from a friend to keep going, to keep doing the work, and to keep transforming into the best version of you.