Smoke Screen: My Friend, the Serial Killer

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  1. My Friend, the Serial Killer | 1. Local Man

    Published: 6/3/2024
  2. Introducing: My Friend, the Serial Killer

    Published: 5/28/2024
  3. The Most Dangerous Man You've Never Heard Of - Who is John Todd?

    Published: 5/6/2024
  4. Behind Poisoned Letters - The Untold Story of the Anthrax Attacks

    Published: 3/5/2024
  5. Introducing The Runaway Princesses from In The Dark and The New Yorker

    Published: 2/2/2024
  6. My Fugitive Dad | 6. Settling Accounts

    Published: 1/8/2024
  7. My Fugitive Dad | 5. Tom's Very Last Round

    Published: 1/1/2024
  8. My Fugitive Dad | 4. The Ringer

    Published: 12/25/2023
  9. My Fugitive Dad | 3. The Last Randele

    Published: 12/18/2023
  10. My Fugitive Dad | 2. The Hunt

    Published: 12/11/2023
  11. My Fugitive Dad | 1. Becoming Thomas Crown

    Published: 12/4/2023
  12. Introducing: My Fugitive Dad

    Published: 11/17/2023
  13. Introducing *Crime Waves: Cold Truth*

    Published: 11/8/2023
  14. 'Betrayal in Dixon, IL - Secrets Behind "The Horse Queen" Scammer That Ruined Her Hometown

    Published: 10/2/2023
  15. Betrayal on the Bayou | 8. Approximation of Justice

    Published: 9/18/2023
  16. Betrayal on the Bayou | 7. Inside the War Room

    Published: 9/11/2023
  17. Betrayal on the Bayou | 6. Cops to Canaries

    Published: 9/4/2023
  18. Betrayal on the Bayou | 5. Deal at the DoubleTree

    Published: 8/28/2023
  19. Betrayal on the Bayou | 4. A Sign of Good Faith

    Published: 8/21/2023
  20. Betrayal on the Bayou | 3. Kid Gloves

    Published: 8/14/2023

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Smoke Screen is an investigative documentary series on people with complex motives and morals. Follow characters on the fringes of society — con artists, cult leaders, corrupt politicians — as they seduce their marks and bend communities to their will. Join us as we unravel their stories and bring justice to the people they’ve deceived. SEASON 9: My Friend, the Serial Killer In the 1970s, Steve Fishman was an intern at his local newspaper, when one day he hitched a ride back from Boston with Robert Carr III, better known as “Red.” Red seemed trustworthy enough, but he was hiding a secret: by the time he had picked up Steve, he had already killed three people—and all of his prior victims were hitchhikers themselves. Unlock all episodes of Smoke Screen, ad-free, by subscribing to The Binge. Plus, get binge access to brand new stories dropping on the first of every month. Just click ‘Subscribe’ on the top of the Smoke Screen show page on Apple Podcasts or visit to get access wherever you listen. SEASON 8: My Fugitive Dad Ashley’s Dad was her favorite person in the world. He drove fast cars and sold them for a living. He was a scratch golfer and the love of her Mum’s life. Ashley thought she knew him better than anyone. But at 38, she found out he wasn’t who he said he was. Inspired by his favorite movie the Thomas Crown Affair, he had pulled off a robbery in Cleveland then disappeared. It turns out he evaded the authorities for half a century, living in their sleepy Massachusetts town. His secret upended his family’s life, but another family’s too. Because from the moment this 20-year-old vault teller escaped with $215,000 in 1969, Deputy U.S. Marshal John Elliott made it his life’s mission to bring him to justice. After he retired, his son even took up his mantle. For this six episode podcast, host Jonathan Hirsch teams up with Ashley Randele to unravel the mystery of how her Dad got away with it, and ultimately, why he left behind everyone and everything to start over. SEASON 7: Betrayal on the Bayou For almost two decades, DEA Special Agent Chad Scott ruled the streets just North of New Orleans. He controlled a network of snitches by convincing people he arrested to work for him as informants. Chad would stop at nothing to put drug dealers behind bars. His successes won awards at the DEA, but his willingness to bend the rules earned him a terrifying reputation on the streets. Some called him the Golden Boy. Others called him the White Devil. But when one of guys on Chad's team is caught dealing drugs, Chad’s life is overturned. His right-hand men betray him and confess everything to the FBI. Investigators go over his career with a fine-toothed comb, asking the question: is Chad Scott the greatest DEA Agent in the South, or is he a criminal?  SEASON 6: Just Say You're Sorry Texas Ranger James Holland is celebrated as the ‘serial killer whisperer’, solving dozens of murders through his legendary interrogation skills. But how far does he go to get confessions? And has he put innocent people in prison along the way? Smoke Screen: Just Say You're Sorry uses shocking police tapes to reveal the psychological drama behind one murder case, and uncovers something rotten at the heart of the justice system. SEASON 5: Deadly Cure Smoke Screen: Deadly Cure is a podcast about a family on the fringe who convinced tens of thousands of people across the globe to buy a miracle liquid made of poison, the international conspiracy they ignited, and the people who fought to take them down. Produced in collaboration with Bloomberg. SEASON 4: Puppy Kingpin SEASON 3: The Sellout SEASON 2: I Am Rama SEASON 1: Fake Priest