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    Published: 1/26/2024

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Get Ready to Believe In YOU! Welcome to the Jamie Kern Lima Show! Imagine. . . overcoming self-doubt, learning to believe in yourself and trust yourself and know you’re enough. Imagine stepping into all of who you are, and into the person you we’re born to be. . . unstoppable. Unstoppable in your joy, your success, your faith and in your belief in yourself! The Jamie Kern Lima Show is for you if you’re ready to ignite that light inside of you, and learn to shine it brightly, even if it’s for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. IT’s YOUR time, today is YOUR day, and THIS is your show. This is How You Trust Yourself. This is How You Love Yourself. This is How You Believe in Yourself. Welcome to the Jamie Kern Lima Show! I’m Jamie Kern Lima and I went from struggling waitress facing non-stop rejection, to building a billion-dollar business from my living room, and becoming a New York Times bestselling author, all by learning to believe in myself. And I’m obsessed with showing you how you can believe in yourself too! If self-doubt has already cost you too much in your life, it’s time to change that together! I interview experts, celebrities, athletes and thought leaders so that through aha-moment-filled conversations, and insights you won’t hear anywhere else, every episode will leave you with tactical tools and takeaways you can apply to your life right now on your journey of living your best life and becoming the person you’re born to be! The Jamie Kern Lima Show debuts this Spring. New episodes every Wednesday. Your support means EVERYTHING to me and I don’t take it for granted — click the follow button and leave a review to help us spread the love with The Jamie Kern Lima Show. This is YOUR show, and I’m so honored to be on this journey with you, together! To learn more about Jamie, go deeper into the show, find the resources and research she mentions, or submit a topic or question, visit