Reinvention Rebels

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96 Episodes

  1. Reinventing My 50s: From Midlife Crisis to Midlife Courage with Bettina Peets

    Published: 3/28/2024
  2. Reinvention at 67: Igniting a Career in Commercials, Sparking Joy & Overcoming Obstacles with Kim Duff Selby

    Published: 3/14/2024
  3. Midlife Reinvention at 60: Challenging Ageist Stereotypes, Creating Community, and Cultivating Joy with Mimi Ison

    Published: 2/29/2024
  4. Listen to A Sneak Peek of Reinvention Rebels Season 6 - Own Your Awesome: Bold & Empowering Stories of Women from 50-90 Awakening to Their Inner Rebel!

    Published: 2/23/2024
  5. Midlife Reinvention: How to Find Your Reinvention Sweet Spot (Pssst....It's an Inside Job)

    Published: 2/17/2024
  6. Mastering the Art of Midlife Reinvention: How Tiny Habits Help Us Grow

    Published: 1/31/2024
  7. Reinvention Rebel Update - Embracing the Journey of Transformation at 71: From Local Beginnings to a Global Vision with Katurah Bryant

    Published: 1/11/2024
  8. Reinvention Rebel Update – Where Are They Now: Breaking Out of the Age Cage and Embracing Reinvention at 70 with Wendi Knox

    Published: 12/28/2023
  9. Reinvention Rebel Update – Where Are They Now: Embracing Midlife Reinvention at 60 with Erica Bradley

    Published: 12/14/2023
  10. Where Are They Now: Life Lessons from Barb Nangle's Reinvention Rebel Journey

    Published: 11/30/2023
  11. Sneak Peek: "Where Are They Now" 4-part Mini Series Launches Soon with Reinvention Rebels Season 1 Guests!

    Published: 11/23/2023
  12. Celebrating the Highlights of Season 5: The Art of Reinvention - Inspiring Stories of "Do It Scared" Reinvention Rebels, Amazing Women Over 50!

    Published: 7/21/2023
  13. Asking for Help is a Power Move: How Getting An Assist Propels us Toward Our Goals & Dreams

    Published: 7/13/2023
  14. Reinvention Rebels LIVE at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas: Tales of Reinvention, Resilience and Self-Discovery with Ellen Pankey & Lisa Franco

    Published: 7/6/2023
  15. Awakening to New Possibilities: Navigating Midlife Challenges with Grace, Ease, and Support

    Published: 6/21/2023
  16. Reinventing Midlife with Courage and Joy: Jenn Baljko's Trek from Bangkok to Barcelona

    Published: 6/15/2023
  17. Reclaiming Your Midlife Mojo: Discover Passion and Purpose at the Midlife Mojo Virtual Summit, June 18-22

    Published: 6/8/2023
  18. From Failure to Gratitude: A Personal Midlife Reinvention Story

    Published: 6/1/2023
  19. Reinventing Midlife with Courage and Resilience: Kathy Murray's Journey from Expat to Triathlon Triumph

    Published: 5/25/2023
  20. Reinventing Yourself: Unlocking Creativity and Purpose Through Stillness

    Published: 5/18/2023

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Dream big, overcome self-doubt and reinvent yourself in midlife! Does this resonate with you? You’re a midlife or older woman and wondering what’s next. You’re tired of putting everyone else’s dreams before your own. You know there’s something more you’re meant to do in your next chapter. Unsure about how to get started and reinvent yourself in midlife? I’ve been there too. It took me 54 years to find my purpose and bold voice. I got curious, flexed my courage muscle and stepped into my greater mission. I reinvented myself unapologetically and I’m loving life – that’s what Reinvention Rebels do. And you know what? You can be a Reinvention Rebel too! I’m your host, Wendy Battles. By day, I work in cybersecurity and help people stay safe online. By night, I’m the host of the Reinvention Rebels podcast. I share stories of brave and unapologetic women, 50-90, who have boldly reinvented themselves to find new purpose and possibilities. These midlife and older women are fierce and inspired. They’ve given themselves permission to shine. They’re all in on reinventing themselves in creative, bold ways (like Mary who started running at 55 and is running in global marathons at 72!)As an inspiring reinvention podcast host, coach and speaker, let me help motivate you to see new possibilities. I share insights, ask compelling questions and share amazing examples of women who have reinvented themselves later in life. It’s never, ever too late for a new chapter. Ready to be bold and find your Inner Reinvention Rebel? Grab your earbuds, hit play and together, let’s become Reinvention Rebels!🎧 Tune into the Reinvention Rebels podcast:⬇️Download our FREE audio, 5 Questions to Spark Your Curiosity and Inspire Your Reinvention Rebel Journey