The Art of Being Well

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  1. The 90-30-50 Rule, Sunscreen Myths & Truths + Fizzy Drinks Ranked (Ask Me Anything!)

    Published: 5/6/2024
  2. Ulrich Dempfle: This Surprising 5 Minute Cardio Exercise Improves Metabolism, Longevity & More

    Published: 5/2/2024
  3. Brooke Siem: The Shocking Truth About Antidepressant Side Effects, Withdrawals + How To Reclaim Your Brain Health

    Published: 4/25/2024
  4. Birth Control Side Effects, Medical Gaslighting In The Media + Andrew Huberman & Jay Shetty Hit Pieces?!

    Published: 4/18/2024
  5. Patrick Schwarzenegger: Generational Alzheimer's Advocacy, Brain Nutrition + Bodybuilding Dads In Speedos

    Published: 4/11/2024
  6. Dr. Josh Axe: Mindset as Medicine, Power of Placebo + Health Hot Topics

    Published: 4/4/2024
  7. Plant-Based Meats Ranked, The Dark Side Of Ozempic + Cereal For Breakfast Controversy (Ask Me Anything!)

    Published: 4/1/2024
  8. Shrankhla Holecek: Unlocking Ayurvedic Wisdom, Doshas, Marma Points + Ancient Radiant Beauty Tips

    Published: 3/28/2024
  9. Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson: The Saturated Fat You Need For Longevity + Energy

    Published: 3/25/2024
  10. The Serotonin-Depression Myth, Antidepressant-Placebo Controversy + A Functional Approach To Mental Health

    Published: 3/21/2024
  11. Karalynne Call: Conquering Depression, Simple Snack Swaps + Tips for Healthy Eating On A Budget

    Published: 3/14/2024
  12. Zack Abbott: GMO Probiotics Myths & Truths + How To Avoid The "Sticky Death Feeling" After Drinking Alcohol

    Published: 3/7/2024
  13. Hormone Hacks, Adaptogens, Menstrual Cycle Balance + Best Exercises For Adrenals & Cortisol (Ask Me Anything!)

    Published: 3/4/2024
  14. Radhi Devlukia-Shetty: Ayurvedic Insights On Nightshades, Coffee, Tongue Scraping, Spices, Acupressure, Mantras & Finding Joy With Foods That Love You Back

    Published: 2/29/2024
  15. Solomon Cole: Dr. Will's Son On Navigating Picky Eating, Parent-Teen Views On Technology, Social Media + Wellness Routines

    Published: 2/22/2024
  16. Jamie Kern Lima: How To Practice Self-Compassion, Overcome Self-Doubt & Find Your Worth

    Published: 2/19/2024
  17. Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts: Peloton Yoga & Meditation Teacher Shares How To Release Stored Trauma, Calm Stress Hormones + Combat Anxiety

    Published: 2/15/2024
  18. Colleen Cutcliffe: The Keystone Probiotic Strains You Need For The Best Gut Health

    Published: 2/12/2024
  19. Chef Seizan Dreux Ellis: Restoring Your Gut-Feeling Connection With Delicious Food

    Published: 2/8/2024
  20. Hot Or Not: Adrenal Cocktails, Beef Tallow Benefits, Bee Venom Therapy, Poop Transplants & Grounding Mats (Ask Me Anything!)

    Published: 2/5/2024

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Leading functional medicine expert and best-selling author Dr. Will Cole has consulted thousands of people around the world on their health journey. Now is the time for your wellness journey. A manifesto for a new breed of health seekers, The Art Of Being Well is a fresh infusion of grace and lightness into wellness. Here we will explore exciting ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind and relationships. From this place of using self-care as a form of self-respect, you can discover your own metamorphosis.