Elopements with The Pinckards

A podcast by: The Pinckards
Elopements are growing in popularity every year.

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Elopements are growing in popularity every year... Maybe because couples are starting to ask "why?" about having a big, expensive wedding. Or maybe because couples are tired of being pressured into inviting guests they barely know. Whatever the reason, there are thousands of couple trying to navigate the elopement planning process with little-to-no resources out there to help them. The goal of this show is to provide tips and advice from our experience as adventurous elopement photographers, and make the process less stressful for you as you plan an INCREDIBLE day when you'll marry the love of your life. How do you plan an elopement? How do you tell friends and family that you're eloping? What does an elopement actually look like? What's the deal with marriage licenses? What if our parents want to be involved in the elopement? Those are a few of the questions we'll answer as we break down elopements piece-by-piece. There is no right or wrong - that's the beauty of eloping. But that can also make it stressful, because there's no cookie cutter pattern to follow! Unlike weddings, you probably don't have dozens of friends who have eloped, and you probably haven't attended many elopements (because, well, you most likely weren't invited). We have been involved in MANY elopements, so hopefully our experience can shed some light into the aspects that we often take for granted, but you may have never thought of before. Questions about elopements? Follow us on Instagram and send us a DM! We would love to answer your questions on the show.